NYC October 14, 2007

Otto's Shrunken Head, Bitter End Jam



Otto's Shrunken Head

Mathius pounds like a Queen Of The Stone Age

Sakia...sweet part of the Sweet Machine

Conner on bass. Check out their tunes on their link. It rocks!

Conner, Sakia, Mathius....caught off guard

Ready for the picture

In on the action

Queen of the Roman age

 The Chateau Knows

Pirate Capt. Frank "Shiver Me Timbers" Wood

Joe Bendik...

...a blur

Joe's Myspace



Mathius & Steve



Bitter End Jam
Delmar Brown conducts the Bitter End Prayer Service. "Can I get a witness!?!"

Delmar has played with everyone. I ain't kiddin' you!
Check out
and see

Delmar tells the BE House Band what's coming next...

...but you never knew until it happened!

Up at bat

All the way up in NYC to jam with...

...Nick, from the Lehigh Valley!


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