Moments that shaped my musical life 

1958 Born Allentown, PA
1968 First real guitar: Gibson ES-125 with a P-90
1972 First solid body: Fender Mustang
1975 School Of Arts, Lehigh County Community College
1976 Graduate  High School

1977 Philadelphia guitar lessons: Calvin Harris
1982 Electronics degree, Lincoln Tech
1988 Various bands of drug induced failures
1994 Finally sentenced to maximum security
1996 Released: A second chance

1997 The FUX get airplay
1998 First Eastern US tour
1999 First UK tour
2000 Two UK tours, begin teaching
2001 First Kids Jam event
2002 Begin lessons again with Tom Kozic
2004 First European tour
2006 Guitar lessons: Pat Martino
2007 Get married!
2008 Guitar lessons: Bobby Radcliff
2012 The Past catches up

Jazz with Pat Martino

“I can highly recommend Roman for his professionalism, and great musicianship.
He is versatile, well studied, and a great Entertainer.”
– Mark Walsh, Composer, Producer, Guitarist (Sister Sledge)

“… not only an exceptional musician, he is dedicated to the success of any event he and the
group are part of. They are a class act!”
-William Quigley, Proprietor, The Washington House Restaurant & Sellersville Theater

… a visionary beyond genre. He knows what it is to be a package deal.
– Bev Conklin, Event Director , Lehigh River Blues Jam

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