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Thursday Night Jam

May 7 2009



Feb 26 2009


Look at that setting...those lights! The ambiance! Those drums! That RUG!


Mark and Joe jam on some popular favorites

Support team: Tim and Matt come to witness Pat play a Grumpys Thursday Night Jam

Two girls for every guy...well, ONE lucky guy!

Hog Leg George supplies some southern rock

They rocked! I couldn't resist sitting in on a tune later.

Eric supplies the killer leads for George

Dave and Suavek

Watch Out! See the Grumpys Trio Of Doom. These guys JAM! Ron, Ryan, and...

JOHN!! Suavek enjoys

Hey! See ya next Thursday!


February 12, 2009








December 18, 2008


OMG! Me, Allan Meyerson, Gary "The Rissmiller", and with us Charles


There's Charles!! And in the back is Rob Stonebeck, big band leader... link


My teacher, hero, and soul brother (born in the same
place on the same day) Tom

Also on this set: Joe
from Moravian. (Awesome set. I recorded it. I'm telling ya...AWESOME!)


Rob Stonebeck

Damn...this set is cookin'!! Look me up for a copy!
Wait! You didn't see (hear) nothin' yet...

Tom Kozic with Berklee scholarship proto ge' Matt

Friend, guitar freak, beautiful to listen to.
You missed this?


Keith Magonigle backed up Matt,
Tom, and Charles up.
Man, I can't believe you missed this!!!
Look me up for a recording. I got a beautiful one.


I must give props to the loyal Roman Army, Grumpy
Squadren, who, every Thursday, show up, back you up, and get better and better
every Thursday.
It's damn impressive. Pictured: Pat and John.

More of the Grumpy's Roman Army: Phil Berger (no relation to Matt) and Albert
Also here to make the night, and you, sound great!



Previously at Grumpy's Thursday Night Jams:

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Thursday May 8


Special Guest Charles

Charles' wife Dolores scats on "Inner City Blues"

Curious George closes with some real roots ambience

your hosts: Roman, Sam Lazaro, Charles Fambrough

Sam LaZare is an up and coming jazz drummer from NJ. You'll see more of him!











Special guest appearance by Roger Prieto.
Roger runs the jazz jam at Ortlieb's Jazz Haus,
Philadelphia's oldest and premier jazz spot




Look at all these drummers...all excellent. A real honor.









April 17












April 10














April 3












March 20

Jimmy "James"  Supra,  Matt "In
From Berkley" Berger, Ray "Fretless" Grimmer


Wiil Kiss, Dave, George on drums, Albert

Dylan waits, Will wails

Albert played great and sang some heartfelt blues later on

Shot without flash...

>>>I stood still this time

Will and Dave

Keith, House drummer, talking a deal with his agent

Dylan Vallone was also back from Berkley

The Super-Locrian or Nickalodian scale?

Goerge and Jimmy Supra...

...add polished finishing touches

Just some of the gang watching



More of the gang here for the show
Far left my student Jack ...he played "So What" with me and the jazz guys and
did great...we lost our place though!

Mike Vasco takes it up a notch

James, George, Mike, Keith

Keith and Dave

View fro up on the cahir

Grumpy himself (background) and Eileen

Jason and Catherine

Tim on drums, Ray on bass back up Doc Z

Bob and Tim

Tom joins in...get you a better slot next time Tom!


If you had to wait:
Tom , Doc Z, Bob and to John V and Asa who left before I got to you. You get
first priority upon walking in the door next time...come right to me!!
I'm sorry for making you wait and I know how that feels

If you are not seen here:
Dave Z, Zach H, AJ, Jason, George, Andy, Ben R.
I can't get a picture of everyone...especially if I'm playing.
If there's a shot of you out there send it to me.

If you want one of these shots email me and tell me specifically which one
and I'll send you a file big enough for a 5 X 10


Closing set: This was so hot I put down my guitar
 to take the picture
James, Keith (hidden) Matt, Ray


To the great players all night long. Jazz, Blues, Fusion, never a dull
moment...super creative!

To the young new elementary students and wood shedding college

To Grumpy's BBQ for believing in all of
us and having parents, kids, and crazies like me and G-Man George!

To everybody who came, played, ate and drank.
Keep coming back!!

- Roman



Young guns: Keith, Albert, Matt Berger
You guys kicked ass!





T h u r s d a y   M a r
c h   1 3

This nights jam featured old pro's and new
guns. There was jazz to blues. Be sure and stop by, eat, jam, stay and play!


Roman from KIND OF BLUE and Mike from the80's Allentown band WASHED....Todd Wolf


Kids making it happen! Luis on drums, Clint on guitar

Luis held it down just fine...

...even getting wild!

Ben rips it up.

Most of the little kids were impressive...

...but then the big kids showed off the polish gained through years of

Todd Wolf signs up

Mike Whitmore shows some 80's style shred

Mike Vasco leads a set of burn

Todd's joined by his band's bassist Suavek

In the background former KOB drummer Dan Andre, now with FULL EFFECT

Roman joins Suavek for some jazzy schmazzy stuff


Dan Andre, Suavek, Todd Wolf



Almost Andy

Andy Also

ASA Band


Ray Grimmer, House Band

Join us!
You never know who will show up!
Every Thursday features new special guests,
 professional and beginner,
jazz and blues,
fusion and beyond.

The jam starts at 9 pm.
Come early and order your food up until 10 pm.
We'll play until 12 at least!

Ray and Dan, House band for the evening

Roman's Strat, Ray's Fretless


Thursday Feb 28







February 21, 2008








February 7, 2008










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