Guitar F2


Frank many years, stages, and tosses
Main mods: BODY: Number 8 eyehooks for “locking”
straps. man, I tried them all, and they all give after enough abuse, but
these eyehooks and spring clips take more than any of them. You’ll see
this mod on a lot of the heavy hitters gits. The rare occasion they break
is from a direct hit to the ground. Even then, there’s TWO on the bottom
side of my guitars. Another functional design: when you set the guitar
down and lean it against something, like the amp or a wall,  it
doesn’t teeter on one central strap peg and fall over. All guitars should
have this. I don’t know how many “Anniversaries” these guys have
to celebrate before they figure it out, but I won’t be impressed until
they do.

PICKGAURD: On this particular one, ( I have several
complete pickgaurd assemblies) there’s two Texas Specials (neck and
middle) and a DiMarzio Hot Rail in the bridge. They get replaced as I bust
them up. But probably you’re looking at the crazy “roll bar”
over the bottom tone knob. Again, a functional mod to stop my pots from
being sheered off so frequently. It hasn’t happened since I installed it,
which was after I lost the knob you see missing for the volume control .
Home Depot saves the day again.


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