KOB – NYC 03-07


Kind Of Blue
New York City      March 11, 2007

Man, we had a blast! Kind Of Blue
showed up for one job and then got called to do another while we were in town.
Then we went to an all-pro jam at the Bitter End. 

Two gigs and one jam in one night.
After the jam we went next door to see funky R&B live music at the Red Lion,
and right next door again for blues at Terra Blues. For a breather we grabbed
some falafals.

We really fit in a lot for one
night…and that was on a SUNDAY! Man, only in NYC!!!

Otto’s Shrunken Head
14th & Av A, Alphabet City
8 – 9 PM


The 169 Bar
169 East Broadway,Chinatown
10 – 11 PM

The Bitter End
Bleeker & Laguiardia
12 – 1 AM

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