KOB – Pat Martino

Pat Martino/Kind of Blue

Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA

Saturday February 2nd 2008

1st Photo Installment 2/4/08


Pat's soundcheck after the workshop


Jim Roman at the soundcheck

Pat Martino's soundcheck

Roman's tools for the job

Kind Of Blue soundcheck

"More cowbell in the monitor"

"We don't use cowbells in jazz"


Pat's lovely wife Aya and her new friend

KOB sound check

Time to look pretty: Allan Meyerson

Jim Roman, Allan

Allan, Matt Roman

Steve Rosati


As pretty as it gets: Allan Meyerson, Steve Rosati, Jim and Matt Roman


Same shot with upright bass
(Dave Ostrem)

Roman, Scott Robinson, Pat Martino


Pat's wife Aya at the class with her rare single pickup Martino model

Talking tech: Matt & Jim Roman getting opinions from Scot Robinson

Friends and fans of both acts:
Andy, Venke, Kris

Scott Robinson, Andy McGregor, and some cool drums

Pat meets Merideth

Signing autographs after the show

Aya with her new friend Ellie

Aya's guitar, Pat's, Roman's

Rick get another autograph on his acoustic guitar

Signing a drum head


The Pat Martino Quartet Feb 2, 2008 (L to R):
Rick Germanson, Pat Martino, David Ostrem, Scott Robinson









Relaxing after it's all done at The Wash



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