Madison Inn Gallery


Laughs and lashings with

Matt Shelly &
The Hard Lickers

Madison Inn
14th & Turner

Saturday May 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Sat Nov 24,

The N Zone All Star Jam

In Memeory Of Drew Glackin

 Mortgage Burning Party
August 5, 2006

Can you make out the sign on the door?
“Please, No Trash”

The N Zone
4th & Liberty Sts,
(Between Crack & Heroin Sts.)
Allentown, PA

God fearing Americans…

…Mr Zig-Zag cooks your evening fare…

…those neighborhood rats didn’t stand a chance!

A concerned neighbor tries to identify his cat on the grill

Cooking the only way I know how

Getting warmed up with Randy and Dean…inside temps of 90+ weren’t enough


Marlon Brando!!

I mean…Truman Capote!

Chasing the crowd away


Not on your life!

Dean the Drum Machine, Sister Randy

Dean Machine

Randy was a Blues Sister

Trying not to look

impossible to ignore

Alone in my solo…serenity at last

Doing the Twist

The Mashed Potatoe

The Boogaloo

Matt gets into man! No kidding!

Guitars and warnings

“Please Respect This Establishment”
is what this slashed sign says

The Marlon Brando hat wasn’t silly enough

I have no logical excuse for this

I just try to…you know…mind my own business

Randy reinvents a I, IV, V progression

Dean says “…fine with me…”

…and I solo over it anyway.

…but we’re not fooling Ziggy

A sit in guest…Lou? ahhh dammit Jim? I have to call you Sticks for

You better email me and remind me friend…

…but man you sounded great. Sticks drives chartered busses all over the
country…been everywhere…

…well, now he can say he has!

name the guitar effects and win a rat burger

todays winner




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