Avatar Studios – NYC 2007


Avatar Studios NYC

October 1, 2007

Grabbing breakfast at noon…ribs!

Daisy Mae’s in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Crossing the street from Daisy Mae’s BBQ, right near Avatar

Outside Avatar, checking out the Hell’s Kitchen Schoolyard (graffiti picture

The entrance!

Made it!!

Oh sure…now I find out they have a take-out CATALOGE!

The prestigious Studio C

Tuning up


Checking charts

Punching in over mistakes…Steve and Justin the engineers made it easy and
a breeze. Nailed them all first take

Quiet! Recording in session!

My own headphone mix with fader control on drums, guitar, vocals, bass

Seattle drummer Rick Sabol

With Steve the engineer and Neve 72 channel console

Still rocking out at midnight

Time to head home until next time

Leftover ribs for the road…still ain’t been paid!

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