River Rites Festival Kids Jam


The City Of Easton’s Annual

River Rites Festival Kids Jam
JUNE 15, 2008








Hi Kids!!

Congratulations on your first gig! And thanks
for helping my band sound better! You all have great talent and ambition, and
I’m proud of you for stepping up on stage with us. Everyone loved you!

Man that was great! You all did good, even
during mistakes: you all pulled out of it like a pro! That’s the way we do it
man! Didn’t that applause feel good? Yeah man!

I was told there will be a DVD of the entire
show. We can laugh about our mistakes and play the good parts over and over.
I’ll tell you more when I know about it.





So hey! Don’t stop now…continue with lessons and
jams throughout the summer. If this was your first “gig”  you did the
hardest part by getting up there. It only gets better!

Check with me on other jams to get involved
with. The Lehigh Valley Blues Network
has one just about every Sunday evening. Musikfest contacted me and so did the
Sellersville Theater about doing similar projects…I’ll follow up on them and
let you know how it develops.





But if you want to get really serious you can
still get in the Dave Phillips Jam Band Camp (June 23-27). It’s a
week long and involves you sitting in with myself and other instructors from 8
am – 2 am. It’s PERFECT for this kind of thing. You hang out all day and play
and jam with other kids, instructors…and you can try bass, guitar or
drums…you can meet people to start your own band… and then we do a show.
(It’s too bad I couldn’t arrange the Kids Jam for AFTER this this event, but get
in and be REALLY good at the next jam)

Get in it! Contact me for details and sign
up!! Hurry!

Thanks again to all the participants: kids (I
mean MUSICIANS), parents, and Bob and Oli Thena for sponsoring us! See
you in lessons!

Matt Roman & Kind Of Blue

Matt Roman, Jim Roman, and Ray Grimmer from Kind Of Blue

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