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Kind Of Blue Big Band at the Lehigh River Blues Jam Festival, June 21, 2009:

Dan Faga-bass, Jim Roman-drums, George Koko-sax, Allan Meyerson-sax,

Matt Roman-guitar & vocals, Roger Prieto-trumpet, Mike Fossa-keyboards


About Kind Of Blue

Kind Of Blue are professional players from Philly to NYC all glad to be part of a creative force covering almost any genre. All the members have played and toured professionally, nationally and internationally. The arrangements are unique and the shows are entertaining visually as well as musically.

Kind of Blue started as a request by a friend to play live music in his establishment at very strict volume levels. With some very capable local musicians a magical spontaneous moment occurred. As a result they took the name KIND OF BLUE from the improvisational masterpiece Miles Davis album of 1958.

With fresh takes on recognizable music plus entertaining and original music KOB was soon reviewed favorably by local newspapers. They began to perform in other fine dining establishments.

KOB was covering Miles to Hendrix with jazz, blues, rock and fusion musicians combining talents. They released their debut full length “Blues…Kind Of!” and were soon playing outdoor festivals as well as fine dining establishments.

Kind Of Blue provides appropriate music for fine dining, blues or rock clubs, or festivals. Typically a quartet of guitar, sax/flute, bass, and drums, Kind Of Blue also employs keys, horn sections, or any number of players you may require for your venue or budget.

Just some of the artits covered by Kind Of Blue: Miles, Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Temptations, Grover Washington, Traffic, Joe Cocker, Clapton, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, SRV, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Jeff Beck, Led Zepplin, and more, including originals.


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Songs and Videos

Kind Of Blue Quartet: Matt Roman, Jim Roman, Allan Meyerson, Suavek Ziensienko

Here’s pictures from some past jobs:

KOB Main Gallery


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