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NYC Sun Dec 22 :
Times Square, Otto’s Shrunken Head with

Roman & The Heard, Glue Factory

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1)Rockefeller Center Tree, Ice Skating 2)The Heard at Otto’s 3) Glue Factory 4) Macy’s 5) Citizens of NY

This is going to be a blast! We’ll pick you up, take you to one of the most magical Christmas spots in the world, then whisk you off to a notorious NYC scene to see some live music.

Times Square is the home of the Big Christmas Tree, TV studios, the legendary New Years Eve Ball Drop, and “Miracle On 34th St” Macy’s department store. Plenty to just walk around and look at.

Otto’s Shrunken Head is a small, no cover Tiki bar in the East Village that is home to many NYC original acts and a lot of the now-defunct CBGB’s scene. I’ve personally met players from Blondie, Talking Heads, Ramones, Patti Smith, and others there. Juma from Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock show comes in. Paul Caruso, also of Hendrix fame, has sat in with me, so has some Electro-Harmonix guys and world famous blues player Bobby Radcliff.

You never know who may pop in, (it’s Christmas!), but you are guaranteed to see Roman & The Heard! And unlike any out-of-town performance you may have witnessed, this original NYC version of The Heard is over the top from the get-go.

Also witness the NYC launching of Glue Factory-great originals that are practically a requirement to play this town. All of it together with friends, family, and fun . Stay and see other original acts also.

And on top of all that just around the corner from Otto’s are many places to eat, drink, shop, or just see. You will easily run out of time before you can get it all in!

And speaking of time, you can certainly make the most of one day on this trip. We’ll leave around 11am and be home around 11pm.

So save some money for a Christmas trinket from NYC, and buy your bus ticket from one of the bands NOW! They have to be sold before Thanksgiving!!

Itinerary Dec 22, 2013

11 am- LV Quakertown Giant (1465 W Broad St)

11:30- LV  Easton Park ‘N Ride (Rt 33 & Wm                         Penn Hwy)

1 pm- AR Times Square

5:00- LV Times Square

6:00- AR Otto’s Shrunken Head

   6:45- Roman & The Heard

7:15- Glue Factory

9:00- LV Otto’s NYC

10:30- AR Easton

11: 00- AR Quakertown

Points Of Interest


The bus will drop off and pick up in Times Square at Bryant Park, 42nd St & 6th Av (Theater District). All the places below are within walking distance of our stop. Google them for details!

Times Square: Rockefeller Center- NBC Late Night, Ice Skating Rink, Christmas Tree (48th-51st), Sam Ash-formerly Manny’s (48th), BB Kings (42nd), Macy’s (34th),

Otto’s Shrunken Head (14th between Av. A & B) Tompkins Square Park (7th & A), Charlie “Bird” Parker’s house (151 Av B), Union Station Park and Christmas Village (14th & 4th), St. Marks Place (9th & 1st), McSorely’s (7th & 3rd)

All payments are cash and non-refundable. Gratuity not included. Must be 21+




August News

Typical ending of a FUX show-2nd Av, Beth, Pa, circa 1999

As August approaches I find myself in a variety of situations:

1) UBACE the Upper Bucks Alliance for Creative Expression ( is a free organization located in Quakertown for kids to work together musically as a band. As a new musical director there i am able to take my Kids Jams to a much better level. We meet every Wednesday from 7-9 pm and remember, it’s FREE. There is no cost, obligations, or commitments. Stop in and at least see what it’s about

2) Return of The FUX! Call them the F.U.X, The File Under X, whatever makes you comfortable. The national and international touring punks return to the Lehigh Valley Punk Fest in Coplay, PA, Saturday August 10 for one set in early afternoon. If you make it that early you’re eligible for FREE stuff, from T-Shirts to beer! See me Reverbnation site for the show line-up and other info

3) NICE music as Roman Alone, my solo jazz & blues project for coffee shops, fine dining, and classy ambiance. Got a few of those gigs this month

OK, well, you can’t have much more diversity than that, I hope SOMETHING appeals to you! There’s always the Wednesday open mic at The Perk (Perkasie, pa) and Thursday Grumpy’s BBQ Jam (Mechanicsville/Allentown) if you need to try something else!

Hope to see ya soon,


Happy 4th of



The summer is here and I’m still alive! I’ve recently had the great privilege of meeting and performing for Billy Cox, of Jimi Hendrix fame. His Hendrix tribute “Band Of Gypsys Experience” recently performed nearby and The Heard opened up. Two Hendrix specialists accompanied him, and they fit the bill. Best of all it wasn’t the predictable hits like “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze”, or “Watchtower” but rather a collection of Jimi’s more recent stuff before passing (“Dolly Dagger”, “Freedom”), Band Of Gypsys’ classics (“Machine Gun, “Them Changes”) and even some obscure R&B tuned that no one knew that Jimi played rhythm on.

More News

Kelly, a young student already performing on stage and looking the part

As of July I am getting on board at U.B.A.C.E. as a Musical Director.

This is a program for kids to learn about playing and performing. All ages and levels are welcome, and it’s a charity funded program. There’s really nothing bad I can say about this-It’s a great place for your kids (or you, kid) to be in a proper jamming and musical environment. Hey, when I hung out with musicians as a kid, I was already in a place that any parent would disapprove of. I wish I had this kind of opportunity back then.

It costs nothing and we meet every Wednesday night 7-9pm at DeVoe’s Music in Quakertown, PA. Formal shows are presented throughout the year in various venues. The next one is a chicken BBQ July 20 and all the proceeds go to the program. Get yourself or your kids off the video console and You Tube and onto a real microphone and amp with professional guidance FREE!

Learn more with me:

See you soon!


January 2013

Changes for January:

Things are pretty much the same as listed below, with the exception the canceling of the Tuesday Night Jam at The Eagle Hotel. Sadly it has gone the way of many jams and just failed to earn enough to stay afloat. The Eagle is still having live music fortunately, and if rough and tumble, original, and punk is your flavor this is the best local spot without having to visit Philly or NYC.

Speaking of NYC, I have trimmed down the schedule during the cold months, to a Sunday January 27 show and a Sunday March 3 show. Although we’ve had unusually warm weather I generally try to do less traveling during snow season. I hope you can join us in NYC for Roman & The Heard at Otto’s Shrunken Head. It’s only one set at the early evening time of 7:30. No cover, easy and free parking, nice parks all around. A very pleasant walking experience while you’re in the Lower East Side neighborhood.

The Heard: Roman, Chicago Joe Mac, Jean Carno-Rosenburg, Tim Timid Sostak

More notable news is the reformation of my own groups, The FUX and Kind Of Blue. The FUX headlined a Philly Christmas gig and did very well. But still, after dozens of tours here and internationally and multiple LVMA awards nobody from Musikfest has asked the FUX to perform there! Can you believe that!? If you get a chance to see a rare FUX show don’t miss that set!!

Crashing on tour in the UK with The FUX

Back in the legitimate music scene, Kind Of Blue is booking themselves in the quieter local Bucks County areas (that’s the plan anyway) with some great seasoned and experienced mature players that I’ve come to know by living down here. Very reasonable volume (the drummer Steve Picarri is a master with brushes) and a variety ranging from classic rock to punk to jazz. We try out our new material at The Ravens Nest on Saturday January 26. Rick Holland on bass and Bill Lance on sax.

Kind Of Blue at The Sellersville Theater years ago

Last but not least Grumpy’s BBQ Jam house drummer Keith McGonigle packs it up after January to roll the dice in Nashville! He’s moving down there to try and get established so we’ll be having a big party for him and all you drummers on the last Thursday, January 31, at Grumpy’s. I’m thinking of having two drum sets and inviting everyone to play some kind of percussion and make Keith play non-stop all night! Stay tuned and see!

Keith McGonigle on drums, ribs

I guess that’s it. Oh, you may have seen I’m selling off some dusty collectable’s, I’m trying to get some medical bills in order but will still need help. A benefit and fundraiser to keep me going was suggested by many dear friends and will be scheduled for the fall sometime when the weather is good. It will have a lot of different acts of great variety as you can probably imagine. I hope some awesome prizes and raffles. Please join us and have fun. More later.

One of many injuries. All part of the job

OK see ya out on the town! Don’t be a stranger!!

Happy Holidays Everybody!

The latest NEWS? What can I say, it changes pretty quickly lately. Watch the schedule for current updates but basically I have this:

Tuesdays: on the 1st & 3rd I run a rock jam at The Eagle Hotel in Quakertown. It can be loud, or crazy, or both. We call it Trauma Tuesday, or Tuesday Night Trauma. Anything goes, drums, bass, and guitar gear are provided. The other tuesdays gear themselves towards acoustic versions of the same insanity. C’mon you folk singers! Starts around 9 pm.

On the LAST Tuesday of every month a run a jazz & blues jam at The Washington House, Sellersville, PA. Of course in December Christmas will override that, but join us from 8-11pm the other LAST TUESDAY’s of any month for some low key sophisticated jams.

Wednesdays: Open Mic Night at The Perk. I do every other Wednesday trading off with Justin Wagner, local singer/songwriter. We take turns but no matter what it’s a good vibe, eats, and no particular closing time. We stay jamming if there’s people, so come out and participate. Starts around 9 pm.

Thursdays: Grumpy’s BBQ Jam. This is a full band jam that’s been running about 4-5 years. We changed the start time from 9:30 to 8 PM. Except for Thanksgiving we meet there every Thursday and really try to create original and spontaneous sonic landscapes and new frontiers. Standard blues is always acceptable, and horn players dig the fact that the band can all read charts. Come out and try us. REMEMBER 8 PM START!

Fri & Sat: I try to have one of my bands doing something, somewhere. Maybe my solo act Roman Alone. Maybe the blues/jazz/fusion of Kind Of Blue. Rocking with Roman & The Heard. Or downright rudeness with The FUX. Check the schedule and depending on the place you can may be able to sit in.

Sundays: Once a month we all go to NYC to play a wild place called Otto’s Shrunken Head. It’s a lot of original music, a lot of the old CBGB’s scene without the attitude. Very cool people, no cover, fresh music, you’ve never seen anything like it. It’s usually an early. This particular time of year, Christmas, is magic in New York City. After the gig we’re usually seeing Rockefeller Center’s Big tree, or Macy’s Miracles on 34th St!

Monday: Zzzzzzzzz

OK that’s it for now, stay tuned!

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