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Did I scare you? Sorry new subscribers! I often have that effect on women and children…I scare myself sometimes! Okay, here’s this month’s scary news: I’m doing three main events and a few smaller ones, but they are all special to see, in new places with new songs and new tricks! (Don’t be scared!)

Oct Schedule at a glance
10/4 Roman Alone: Menlo Park, Perkasie, Pa 12 noon
10/9 Roman & The Heard: The Shanty, Allentown, Pa 9:30 pm
10/10 Roman & The Heard: Granite Forrest Karate, 12 noon-3pm, Perkasie, Pa
10/10 Roman Alone: Shang-Hai Art Gallery, 5-8 pm
10/16 Roman & The Heard: Zen Den, Doylestown, Pa 6:30-9:30 pm
10/23 Dutch’s Basement Blues Band: Morgantown, Pa TBA
10/24 Roman & The Heard: M.O.M.’s in Doylestown, 10 pm
10/29 Hosting Jam: Washington House Jazz & Blues Jam, Sellersville, Pa 8-11pm
10/31 (Boo!) Dutch’s BBB: Leather Corner Post, Macungie, Pa, 9:30pm-1:30am


Friday Oct 9
The SHANTY on 19th St, Allentown, PA
9:30 pm
Roman & The Heard perform classic rock, blues, jazz, and standards. I used to run some open mic’s here and will still let some old friends join us later in the night, meanwhile I have some interesting arrangements to perform for you. Scary!

Sat Oct 24
M.O.M.’s (Maxwell’s On Main) Doylestown, Pa
10:00 pm
This first time at Moms The Heard leans heavily on originals and original arrangements but with plenty of recognizable classic stuff in between. Visit us in the center of D-town’s musical hotspot, surrounded by other great musical venues all within walking distance and with no cover. You can’t lose.

Sat Oct 31 BOO!
Leather Corner Post, Macungie, Pa, with
Dutch’s Basement Blues Band
I’m back with the old Mad Dog Blues Night Out crew ready to give you swingin’ dancin’ blues!
See the DBB band’s debut performance.

Full Schedule:

Sun Oct 4
Perkasie Fall Festival, Menlo Park, Perkasie, Pa
Roman Alone performing instrumental, non-annoying, popular favorites.
12 noon

Fri Oct 9
Shanty on 19th St, Allentown, Pa

Sat Oct 10, 12 noon-3pm
Granite Forrest Karate
Perkasie, Pa
The Heard plays an open house, Grand Opening family fun day.
Possible special guest appearance by Bahama’s “Barrymon”

Sat Oct 10, 5-8pm
Shang-Hai Art Gallery
Creamery (Skippak area) Pa
Roman Alone providing background music for 5 artists displaying new work.

Fri Oct 16
Zen Den Coffee House
Doylestown, Pa
The Heard in super quiet conditions. Hear all the new arrangement on the “QT”
6-9 pm

Fri Oct 23
Morgantown, PA
Dutch’s Basement Blues Band
Details to be announced

Sat Oct 24
M.O.M.’s (Maxwell’s On Main) Doylestown, Pa
10:00 pm

Tues Oct 29
Washington House monthly Jazz & Blues jam
Sellersville, Pa
8-11 pm

Sat Oct 31
Leather Corner Post, Macungie, Pa, with
Dutch’s Basement Blues Band

Of special interest:

This month marks the anniversary of the Rock For Roman Benefit, a show made possible by YOU, my faminly, friends, and supportes of live music, to help me battle the devastating disease of Hepatitus C, which crippled me for years and took the lives of many of my fellow friends and musicians. The R4R Benefit featured many local and national musicians and was a total success: I’m here now writing, healthy, alive, and grateful, happy to be able to humbly THANK YOU for coming to my aid. New subscribers-you are part of a great gang of supporters, Thank You for joining.

On a more upbeat note, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20th will be yet another NYC BUS TRIP. If you’re new to this event it’s basically a chartered bus to NYC the Sunday before Christmas to see Times Square and then live music in the East Village. It’s a magical time for all in the City. We pick up in Quakertown and Easton around 11 am and have you back by midnight. Details to follow.

OK thank you all for reading. Call me or reply with any questions. Visit my website and get my FREE APP. Come to a show. Carve a pumpkin. Put on a costume. You know you want to. And share this news with friends.

Happy Halloween


 Hi Everybody



Fall is here, the Pope is coming, and there’s some new venues on the horizon. Watch for me in Allentown and Doylestown with The Heard, a new band called Dutch’s Basement Blues Band, and a handful of solo gigs in Perkasie leading up to the Christmas season. Speaking of which, we have another bus trip planned to NYC on the traditional Sunday before Christmas-December 20. More on all this later.

Something to add: it’s been a year since the Rock For Roman Benefit, an event that literally helped to save my life. I want to thank everybody in the community from Philly to New York that donated their time, talent, and energy to making it a success. Without you I would not be here now. I feel honored and privileged to be able to thank you.

OK lets get set for the fall holidays. Check my schedule and come on out!





September 2015

Only TWO this month: the Washington House Jazz & Blues Jam, Tuesday Sept 29 (the LAST Tuesday of every month) and the Jimi Hendrix “Jimi Jam” Fri Sept 18th (more on that in a moment.) And for the most part I am pretty liberal about letting people sit in at gigs, provided I know you, and it isn’t jeopardizing a new, first time gig. I’ve already had some famous players and just great friends sit I to really make the night fun.

Jimi Hendrix 11/27/1942 – 9/18/1970
Jimi Jam 9/18/2015
Eagle Hotel
Quakertown, PA starts 9:30

Arguably the greatest innovator in the vocabulary of the electric guitar, Friday Sept 18th is the anniversary of Hendrix’s death, so I thought it would be fun to get together with jammers and rock and riff off of his stuff on that night. The Eagle Hotel in Quakertown, home of my punk jams of a few years ago, is letting me use their place. This could lead to some other special one-off jams, like maybe celebrating Clapton, or the Dead, or Christmas…whatever. Like this idea? Come to the Jimi Jam. You don’t HAVE to play Hendrix songs, just have a good, loose, jamming Hendrix attitude.

What do you call a few of us getting together in Dutch’s basement to play blues? DUTCH’S BASEMENT BLUES BAND! What’s super cool is that it’s Mad Dog and Blues Night Out alumni Adam Roberts on bass, Pat Allen on drums, and myself on guitar backing up “The Dutchman” on harp. Expect to hear some of Mad Dogs favorite arrangements with a bit of Dutchman’s modernized twists, Roman’s rock, Adam’s groove, and Pat’s gut-bucket beat.

Watch for dates on his site:

“Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful”

It’s with great sadness that I say the longest gig I ever held, Grumpy’s BBQ jam, has come to an end. Here is the final email notice after 7 years of jamming with rock, jazz, blues, punk, and plain old fun:


After years of being an original outlet for students and pro’s alike, plus consistent Lehigh Valley Music Awards, my regular Thursdays tenure at Grumpy’s BBQ in Mechanicsville, PA has come to an end.

For me this jam represented a unique departure from typical jams of the area, quickly taking those overdone  selections and morphing them into cool jazz and fusion or high energy rock. I felt that it was a great fertile ground for being creative instead of copying, and it attracted and was enjoyed by national recording artists, locals, and students alike.

Maybe it wasn’t the crowd pleaser they’d like it to be. Maybe it just didn’t generate enough income. It’s not an uncommon story. It certainly generated talent though, and fun. Pro’s who I’d never thought I’d meet in person showed up. Students who went on to scholarships would drop back in and dazzle the crowd.

Thank you everyone for all your support over the years. I can’t express this enough, from special celebrity guests, to top notch House bands, and the many, many people who came and learned, or came and conquered. It has been a great experience for so many. Visit my official site for some great pictures:

But there are more areas to spread the love and joy of music. Visit me at The Perk on Wednesdays, The Washington House on last Tuesdays, and watch for my next appearance or jam with the Heard. Visit my website for the schedule.

Thank you all once again, and I’ll see you soon!

Special thanks to the house bands: Suavek Zaniesienko, Dave Hollingsworth, Dan Andree, Pat Allen, Keith McGonigle, Mitch Shelly, Dave Wagner, anyone else who helped.



A new Romanmusic website.

That’s right, time for a facelift! I first got a website for the FUX in 1996, back when there wasn’t even the term “nerd.” AOL was how you got “on line.” PC’s weighed 50 ppounds, between towers, printers, CRT screens, etc. Dial up connections only! Brrrrr…..squeeeeeekkkkkkkk……%##^&*(%$#&*…..”you’ve got mail!”

Wow. I’m old!

The loyal FUX fans (Fuxheads) were just plain ol’ computer geeks. Only corporate bands had the backing to have a website.

Many years, PC’s, and defunct programs later, I got the current ROMANMUSIC.NET which has been running for about 10 years now. It’s so full of pictures, stories, bands and old event that I have to begin again. And that’s not even counting the tons of info and pix lost to outdated technology.

All the pieces aren’t in place yet, we’re tweaking it now. Of course I’ll let you know when it’s ready to launch, just try and stop me! Meanwhile, I found this:

An old FUX flyer from the legendary 2nd Av, Beth, PA

This was back when we made posters by actually cutting, copying, and pasting!




March 2015

Hey groovy lads and lassies!

Well March sure came in like a Lion, I’m not sure how it’s going out yet, but let me tell ya what’s new while we wait.

The Jams are going strong as always, the LAST Tuesday at the Washington House, EVERY OTHER Wednesday at the Perk, and EVERY Thursday at Grumpy’s BBQ. Details and links are on the SCHEDULE page.

Maybe you’ve seen “The Heard” sneaking around into little clubs as a means of rehearsing and working stuff out quietly. Look for them at REVIVALS in Perkasie, or The ZEN DEN in Doylestown, or The EAGLE in Quakertown. It is sometimes, but not always, on my schedule.

One official Roman & The Heard show with “no holds barred” will be the end of the month, Fri March 27, at The RUSTY NAIL, Ardmore , PA. We’ll do ONE SET, loud and rocking, the way it should be. I hope you can see this version of The Heard, it’s more like the NYC sets (in fact, it is) which spawned the act to begin with. For our Philly friends, if you can’t grab our bus trips to NYC with The Heard, this is the next best thing.

Finally, in keeping with this months Holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, we will be featuring various bagpipe guests at Grumpy’s BBQ. Traditionally, Pat Allen brings his Shamrock Green Sparkle drums and his dad’s Lehigh Valley Bagpipe Brigade to entertain between acts. That will be Thursday March 12. Begin your corned-beefing and green-beering with us at GRUMPYS!

OK that’s it….watch my Facebook and this site for last-minute secret locations for The HEARD. Maybe we can all jam together as one!


The Rock For Roman Beneit complete with belly dancers

Certainly in the course of a year many things happen, some things planned, some things you’d never be able to predict, good and bad.

Highlights of my year were:

1) Almost dying

2) A benefit to help me once I was out of the hospital

3) Two NYC bus trips, one in June and again in December

Some great musical experiences were:

Meeting the Bahamas native Barrymon, who is teaching me some island rhythms and culture

2) Benefit participants Bobby Messano and Bobby Radcliff, pro’s whom I urge you to Google for info

3) The rise and fall of The Hard Lickers, who began booking New Years Eve last year, but came to it’s demise when even seedy dive bars were more offended by that name than something like The Fux. Go figure!

In all I’m so grateful to just be alive. I’m looking forward to a New Year and new bands, jams, and experiences. Some things to look forward to are:

1) More NYC trips-an annual June Birthday Party Trip and December Christmas Trip

2) New band Native I & I, Barrymon’s reggae vibes for the those of us who can only wish we were on a beach

3) A possible benefit again, not for me, but to continue the momentum we started with Rock For Roman (R4R) to help fellow musicians in medical trouble.

Who knows? Every year has it’s share of births, deaths, triumphs, misfortunes. It’s all part of the process. It’s all part of history. Some of this history is right here on this site under Scheduling (old gigs) and Old News. Just keep scrolling and hitting links, if you’re familiar with this site you’re bound to hit a memory or two. My history goes back a bit. I’m like, old now.

And last but not least I want to thank YOU for being part of my history. THANK YOU! (Sob!)

Everyone who’s helped me…the bands, the jams, the benefits, the support and compliments ….I just can’t thank you enough. Please join me for another year of new memories, trips, and musical adventures.

My sincerest Best Wishes for a Happy New Year