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Roman and Frank Wood’s version of Hey Joe

From Quakertown and Easton to
Times Square, East Village and back $40


Leave Q-town (Boston Market) 11 am, Easton 11:30 (Rt. 33 Park N Ride)
Arrives NY 1:30, leaves 9:30 pm, home around midnight


  • Times Square:
    First stop Bryant Park Christmas Village, (42
    nd St & 6th Av.) See Rockefeller Center Ice Skating and Christmas Tree (48th-51st), NBC Late Night studio, Music Row (48th), BB Kings (42nd), Macy’s (34th.)
  • East Village
    Bus parks at Otto’s Shrunken Head (14
    th & Av. B.) See Tompkins Square Park (7th & B), Charlie “Bird” Parker’s house (151 Av B), Union Station Park Christmas Village (14th & 4th), St. Marks Place (9th & 1st), McSorely’s (7th & 3rd) The night ends with live music at Otto’s with Roman & The Heard, Dutch’s Basement Blues Band, and other special guests.
  • Payment & Receipt
    $40 per person, paid in cash and non-refundable. Bus driver gratuity not included. Must be over 21. BYOB. Bus includes bathroom.
    This page is your receipt and itinerary. Keep this part, tear off the bottom and return with payment. Contact Matt (610) 306-9204, Ellie (215) 350-3605,


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June 2016 NYC Bus Trip

On the last Sunday of June, the 26th, we have chartered a BYOB Bieber Bus to NYC. We’ve done it before several times, usually around Christmas to see Times Square and in the beginning of summer to see the parks and East Village. They both conclude with live music at Otto’s Shrunken Head, on 14th St between avenues A & B.

It’s a great time. The parks are beautiful and famous and there’s often live music in them. You can hit quaint eateries and shopping districts or just sit in the park to be entertained. Look for a movie star. The bus parks right outside the Otto’s and you have access to the bus and Otto’s all day and then there’s live music there at night with upcoming (sometimes famous) music from NYC locals and with Dutch’s Basement Blues Band (7pm) and Roman & the Heard (8pm.) We’ll board and leave sometime after that, around 9, 9:30.

The price is $40 a person, and we leave at 11 am from Quakertown’s Trainers Corner (Giant supermarket parking lot, with Boston Market, Wine & Spirits) and 11:30 am from Easton’s Park ‘N Ride (Rts 78 and 33.) You get back around midnight. You have to reserve a seat by paying for it and getting the money to me or form from me.

You must pay ahead so we have a head count. Contact me and I’ll meet you or mail you the info to send back.
Facebook, Call or Text: (610) 306-9204


April 9, 2016

Whew! What a night! The FUX emerged from hiding last night to headline an original music show at The Eagle Hotel, Quakertown. Boy did that feel good!

Also on the bill were GLUE FACTORY and STEP 13. In the course of the entire evening of 3 bands playing great music,  melody’s, energy, heart and soul, only ONE cover song was performed (Glue Factory paid tribute to the late great Lemmy with”Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead.)

Don’t miss these shows. They are entirely to far and few in-between. You can see a cover band anywhere, all the time, playing Tom Petty songs and so forth, without a creative thought in their head, so see these original bands now. They may just be the next Tom Petty.

And here’s another chance to do that: a bus trip to NYC, where creativity, originality, and thought-provoking artistic freedom abound!

SUNDAY JUNE 26 a chartered bus will take you the East Village, where you can see the parks (often with live music) and hang at Otto’s Shrunken Head with Roman & The Heard, Dutch’s Basement Blues band, and other NYC greats.

You need to pay for your seat (only $40) to reserve it. You’ll leave by noon and be back by midnight. You won’t believe how much fun and sights you can squeeze out of this day. Everyone who has done this enjoyed it.

OK gotta run for now and clean up that mess from last night! Three guitars all thrown on top of the drummer!

Contact me for details and get on the bus!




Hi everyone!

Well, I have a new email address:
I’ll keep good ‘ol for a while, it has 20 years of contacts and info on it!

New gigs:

Tower Hill Brewery every 3rd Thursday.
My trio The Heard plays an early gig, 6-10pm.
Classy place, great care put into the menu.
I can let you sit in. Worth the stop.

Sellersville Pizza Pub 3/4 and 4/15
Smoking is allowed, but so is HARD ROCK!
Finally! A place that respects a Marshall amp.
“We want rock…no acoustic duo stuff” That’s literally a quote from Jen who booked me. God bless her.
Expect to hear some classic rock done with attitude and guts!

New band:

Dutch’s Basement Blues Band
With the happy, smiling energetic frontman Dutch on harmonica and the Mad Dog & Blues Night Out backup band at his mercy this act is getting attention and accolades fast. Check his schedule:

New NYC Bus Trip:

Sunday June 26 A chartered BYOB Bieber Bus takes us from Quakertown and Easton to the East Village, where you can visit parks (often featuring live music) and take in famous and unique eateries, all within walking distance of Otto’s Shrunken Head, where the Heard and The Dutchman will perform a 7 and 8 pm set for you. You’ll be home around midnight…you can still make last call in your home town! But trust me, you won’t want to. Nothing tops the fun, sounds, and sights of this trip. $40 saves you a seat. Contact me about a ticket. Bring some friends



Hello and welcome to 2016! YEAH! We made it!

Thanks for staying with me through another year. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I’m going to stop cursing, lighting guitars on fire, and playing with switchblades. There! I think that’s a pretty good list! Just kidding.

Seriously, like every year there’s lots to remember, good and bad. There’s ups and downs. In December alone we had the NYC Bus Trip which was a wonderful time for everyone. But sadly, we went into the New Year with the Songs For Sue Benefit. Sue, the wife of Glue Factory’s lead vocalist Johnny “Numbers” Pawlikowski, suffered a stroke this past year. We are all pulling for her and many bands and artists came out to donate talent and support. Here’s the Facebook link for that:

In Band News, I’m still working with my regular band Roman & The Heard, but the newest project is Dutch’s Basement Blues Band. I’m enjoying the happy vibe that the Dutchman brings to every room. Plus it’s some of my old Mad Dog & Blues Night Out friends. He’s getting noticed and moving up the ladder fast. Find a show and check him out, he’s good fun.

Despite hardship and ups and downs, I’m looking forward to 2016. We have another NYC Bus Trip being suggested for the summer. There’s plans being made for another event at McCoole’s for bands and jams. And I always have a few other projects in the works, support the website and social media to follow the developments, and thank you for doing so.

Of course, anything can happen in a year, so don’t take anything for granted. Go to jams. See live music. Get off the couch! The fact that things change is the only thing that doesn’t change, so don’t put off the great entertainment being offered you for some other time. Don’t delay, do it today!

Thanks for listening everybody, no go out and have a good time!

Roman (a.k.a. Matt Roman)

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