Past catches up 2012

That’s me on the left, pale and weak trying to play a week after being hospitalized.

It was 2006 when I wrote that! Wow, since then even more great stuff has happened and I’m busier than ever! Unfortunately it’s a painful update that makes me take pen in hand today. (For my students that’s an old expression for when everything was actually written by hand, not typd or txt!)

And it starts with ” Boy I’m glad to be alive” all over again. In August 2012 I was put in the hospital (ICU for TWO weeks) and almost died! Again!

Not from current drugs, but from illness and the long term effects of a drug and alcohol past. Yes the past doesn’t go away, and liver problems resurfaced after 20 years. I am seeing doctors now more than I have my entire life. And a specialist in NYC. I’m selling anything I don’t need or use constantly.

But still I enjoy life. I’m very grateful all over again to have the gift of life, talent, and friends. Now get out there and enjoy life YOU! As Warren Zevon said after being diagnosed with cancer “Enjoy every sandwich.”

Thank you for reading!

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