I served some time, and I have to admit this because:

1) It is my history and a matter of public record, and
2) It had a profound effect on my life…one I sincerely hope nobody has to go through.

Eventually, as a hard core drug addict more than a musician and stealing to support a habit, I was finally arrested and sentenced to multiple sentences of 1-5 years. It was ironically the best thing my anguished parents could have hoped for: Now at least they knew where I was, and that I was alive. Their only consolation once they found out what prison I was in was a counselor telling them “Oh don’t worry, nobody has been killed here yet.”

But don’t think I changed just because I went to prison…half my gang was in there. I was in a prison gang in no time shaking down other inmates, paying off guards, and continuing my habit. No joke, this was the big time and I was fine. Making money, getting high, watching cable TV…until I realized…this is as far as it goes. For this lifestyle, I had peaked. I made it. I’m a “success.”

I decided to quit all gang activity, got in the prison drug and alcohol program, even started a music program and an art program. This all impressed the judge, and I got early release after serving two years.

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