Roman and The Heard 


NYC-approved energy and attitude, pulling out all the stops. No holds barred rock. Three-piece band or more depending on venue size.



Dutch’s Basement Blues Band


What do you call a bunch of guys getting together in Dutch’s basement and playing blues? 




Barrymon‘s Native I & I i try


Barrymon’s Native I & I blends reggae as well as American pop and rock standards into authentic island grooves, rhythms, and beats for an evening of dancing and fun.

Roman and Dutchman Duo


Roman AloneKozic


This instrumental solo scenario suits fine dining, sophisticated business parties, and adds class to your dinner party at home.

Kind of Blue Minor Trouble

Jazz and fusion, mellow or bordering on rock. Fine dining as well as festivals. Any number of players from extra percussion to horn sections available on request.



Hard Lickers

Code name for the The Heard doing unscheduled rehearsals in local taverns, private clubs, and parties.


Glue Factory



5-piece alternative and all original rock show. Some covers when neccassary. Heavy rock and ballads, “red dirt” in Foo Fighters style. 

The Fux I Dont wanna think



Not for the weak: 3 piece classic rock/punk…the Sex Pistols meet Jimi Hendrix. Toured US, UK, and Europe. Parental Advisory. Serious inquiries only.

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