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About The Hard Lickers

The Hard Lickers represent a vast array of talent and personel from many types and styles of bands. In bars, festivals, parties, and picnics…whatever and wherever you need visual as well as musical entertainment.

Started 2003 by Matt Shelly as a means of playing his own Allentown, PA bars, they gained a reputation for playing anytime, anywhere, no matter how dangerous the venue, with a no-holds-barred attitude.

They quickly “moved up” to social clubs, fire halls, and bigger venues in the surrounding areas.

Rock with some Stones, Beatles, ZZ Top, Hendrix, and The Doors, The Black Keys, Jonny Lang and Weezer.

Or dance to R&B, reggae, James Brown, The Temps. The classic country of Johnny Cash. Got Dead?

There’s even dinner and coctail hour with smooth jazz instrumentals by Miles, Coltrane, or at least some swanky SRV.

They can meet any situation at a moments notice.

And they do it with GUTS, SINCEREITY and SOUL. They’re not trying to “sound like the record.”

You’ll see it doesn’t matter what they play, it’s HOW they play it.

The bottom line: ENTERTAINMENT!


Roman in some dangerous dive in Times Square, NYC.


Roman Ron Rico – guitar

Randy Tanga Ray – bass

Dave Dram Buey – drums


Past Hard Lickers session held “across the river” from Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA

Below: The Original Hard Lickers as started by Matt Shelly.

Matt – Grand Wazoo


Randy – bass


Dean – drums

Additional Hard Lickin’ guests:

Rockin with Roman – “Mom said it would hurt”

Typical Sets:

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

1) Chitlins (Am)

Villanova Junction (Am)

Lenny (E)

2) Lie To Me (Am)

All Your Lovin (Gm)

Tax Man (D)

3) Cold Shot (A)

After Midnight (A)

Pride ‘N Joy (E)

4) Letter (Am)

Mary Had a Little Lamb (E)

I Shot The Sherriff (G)

5) Aint Giving Up (A)

Lonely Boy (E)

Too Rolling Stoned (C)

6) Hound Dog/J Brown medley (E)

Tin Pan Alley (Am)

Pusher (G)

7) Mystery Train (E)

Bad Moon (E)

Magic Carpet (A)

8) Gold The Ceiling (G)

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (A)

Born To Be Wild (E)

9) Cut My Hair (Am)

La Grange (A)

Cross Cut Saw (A)

10) Bad Luck (A)

Little Wing (E)

Ball Chain/Dead Flwers (D)

11) Wild /Feelng Alright (C)

Hey Joe/ 3rd Stone (E)

Steppin Stone (E)


Soul Kitchen

Everything Is Broken (E)

Honky Tonk Woman (G)

I’m A Man (Am)

Things I Used To Do (G)

Down Stroke (D)

I’m Not Drunk (A)

Sky Is Cryin (C)

Bus/ Jesus Left Chicago (A-G)

Dear Mr Fantasy (A)

Watchtower (Am)

Waiting On The Man

I’m On Fire (E)

Motherless Child (Am)

Help Me (G)

Say It Ain’t So (C#)

Rumble/Wipe Out (E)

Birthday (G-A)

Folsom Prison

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