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Roman & The Heard

Roman & The Heard started in NYC and now operate out of Upper Bucks County, PA, between Philly and New York. They started as a collection of professional NYC musicians hanging out at Otto’s Shrunken Head at 14th & Av A in 2005 and were dubbed “Roman & The Heard” by Hendrix aficionado and Electro Harmonix Mad Scientist Allan Otto.

The Heard is comprised of many guests, some from the old CBGB’s scene, and others like blues great Bobby Radcliff below, just pro’s who live nearby. Recently Chicago session cat Joe Mac, who’s played with all the great blues originals if they’ve been of Chicago, has been on the scene. Jon Popper of Blues Traveler has sat in, so have many others. Some are famous, some not. Some are just not famous yet!

Roman & The Heard begins with the trio of guitar, bass, and drums, adding members as the jobs request them-from additional guitar to keyboards, horns, even entire horn sections (and an occasional celebrity.)

Always cool, creative and original, The Heard prides themselves on being fun with the room and reading the crowd, playing originals, covers, or unique arrangements of popular favorites. Incorporating the band members touring experience from rock to jazz, attitude and energy, the Heard is guaranteed to entertain, from restaurants or bar rooms to rock festivals.

There isn’t a lot of official Heard recordings on these guys. There’s scattered You Tube clips that were done on people’s phones in an attempt to capture the energy and entertainment that they were witnessing, but this footage often pales in comparison. You can’t just see or watch The Heard on a laptop or phone, you have to be there and RUN with the Heard! Only then can you say you’ve “Heard.”

Roman & The Heard Review

Lehigh Valley Beat, June 1

Roman and The Heard opened for Poppa Chubby at the Sellersville Theatre on Thursday. Now that’s not that unusual, Roman has played there before with Kind of Blue, or Mad Dog and Blues Night Out or maybe other configurations of bands. If you’re from the Valley you may think you know Roman but I assure you this was not the “jamming at Grumpy’s” Roman, this was Roman with his hair on fire.

Roman is by far one of the most versatile musicians I have ever met. Anyone who says Roman’s playing is “too Jazzy” has never heard The Fux. The second song of the set he rocked out to the title track off a FUX CD called “I’m On TV”. Then he whipped off that sophisticated blazer to reveal the ripped-sleeved tattooed rocker underneath. He nailed “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. The recognizable influences of Punk, Blues and Rock were unmistakable, yet the gestalt of the show was riveting.

This formation of the band typically performs at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC. I hear that’s where the old CBGB’s crowd hangs out these days. About half way through his 25 minute set, I closed my eyes, and I could have sworn I heard Bob Dylan singing the CCR tune “Bad Moon Rising” and I liked it. Roman is a dramatic performer who entertains as if he were born behind a microphone with a guitar in his hand. He seamlessly transitioned from Johnny Cash to a tune that was a Sex Pistols meets The Monkey’s version of “Stepping Stone”. This was NOT the Roman you see in the Valley. All I have to say is “Hey Roman you can bring NYC to the Valley anytime”. In fact dude, you should do it more often.

Ok so Roman did not rock it out all by himself, he brought a bad ass chick drummer none other than Jean Carno-Rosenberg (Acid Rays, NYC) that beat the skins like she had a metronome in her head, and the Valley’s newest favorite, Chicago guitarist Chicago Joe Mack and Roman’s long time FUX bassist Tim ‘Timid’ Sostak. Joe Mack was cool as a cucumber effortlessly slicing the purest sounds from that guitar. He plays up there making it look likeanyone can do it. If he had a third arm it would be an axe.

Roman & The Heard

by Mary PiercePhotographs courtesy of

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The Heard in Allentown, PA:

Matt Roman, “Jesse” James Roman, Suavek “Z” Zaniesienko

Roman & The Heard (Live Sellersville Theater)

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising

Rock Me Baby
Rock Me Baby

I’m on TV
I’m On TV

Ring of Fire
Ring Of Fire

Stepping Stone
Stepping Stone



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Sunday May 3rd, 2010

Otto’s Shrunken Head,
14th & Av B, NYC

Roman & The Heard
with special guest Bobby Radcliff

You Tube clip here

Bobby Radcliff

Roman, Chicago Joe Mac, Jean Carno-Rosenberg, Tim Timid Sostak

Above: Chris’ 3rd Annual Custom Car, Rat Rod, and Bike Bonfire Bash 9/14/2013

Below: NYC

In NYC Roman & The Heard play exclusively at Otto’s Shrunken Head’s “Wind Down Sunday”

hosted by Frank Wood

A great way to end your weekend of rocking, partying, or depression!

Below are some photos from past “Wind Down Sunday” sessions,

and there are more from the GALLERIES links.

Sunday May 3 2009

Opening up Otto’s with a massage :Beth and Ellie, Mark waits his turn, Laura watches

Mark Lewis, blues student
A walk down St. Marks
Some rain didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the site
Caught on film by surprise
A tourist stop: McSorely’s
McSorelys serevs only two kinds of beer: light or dark. And they give you two glasses for every one you order.
Back to business: The Heard sets up
Bobby Radcliff, Roman, Otto, Jean Carno in back


Laura, Beth, Ellie

Jean Carno, Heard drummer

Sunday April 5, 2009

Bobby Radcliff, Roman, Allan Otto, Jean Carno

Welcome to Otto’s Shrunken Head

Roman and Capt. Frank Wood
Tiki Gods greeting you on the way in
Men’s room
Ellie and Bobby
Roman’s rig for the night
Bobby takes a moment to pose before showtime
Showtime! No more posing. Roman on rhythm
Miss Jean Carno
Bobby, Roman, Allan “Electro Harmonix” Otto

Ellie taking care of business
Bobby taking care of business
The house PA system
More men’s room albums on the wall
Goodbye! Thanks for coming!! See you next Sunday!!


March 8, 2009

Bobby Radcliff, Jean on drums, Roman

Blues legend Bobby Radcliff. MORE
EH Otto on bass
Jean Carno
A happy guitar player
Frank Wood
Sharon and Dave came up from Sellersville PA
Your humble photographer Mrs. Roman

later on that night at The Bitter End:

Last December with special guests
Bobby Radcliff on guitar, Suavek Ziensienko on bass, Mad Dog Moyer on harp


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