I was literally told I had no future, expect to only have dead-end jobs, and that I’d be back in prison. I was on state parole for years to come. But I was so grateful to be out…to feel a breeze…smell clean air, to see a tree…feel the sun and rain…I was determined that nothing would knock me off my square and put me back there. I got the dead end job…stayed off the junk, reported to parole, put my only spare money down on a used guitar in the local pawn shop, and started looking around for a band. I followed the advice of those I could admire. This time I was determined to make MUSIC THE PRIORITY. Not drugs, not alcohol, not girls, gangs, or “easy money”. That was in 1996.

Since then, I’ve been on many stages, met famous people, been in different cities, states, and countries, and have many wonderful experiences. I have met  wonderful people who were positive influences and role models in my life and I try to keep them close and value them greatly. I’m extremely grateful and lucky to have a second chance. 

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