Schools out learning begins

I moved down to Philadelphia to begin guitar lessons with Calvin Harris, a no-nonsense brother teaching in West Philly. From Calvin I learned a unique system for learning and teaching. It is the method I use today. I moved back to Allentown at my dad’s persistent plea to “do something” with my life and graduated with a two-year electronics degree from Lincoln Tech. I learned how to fix all my gear, but again, passed by doing the bare minimum. I was trying to start garage/kid/punk bands: The CREEPS, ARTFUL DODGER, PANIC ATTACKS, the  HEAT MERCHANTS. It wasn’t paying much, but I was learning and having fun.

But a lot of the bands I saw and looked up to in my hometown were into “the party” – alcohol and drugs, and so were a lot of the places that booked them. It was a real unhealthy scene but it was pretty accepted. It was the social norm from the hippie – 70’s – era fallout. Many venues’ business’ were based on it, they relied on it and encouraged it. That was fine with me…I was happy to play and party…but eventually the party was more important than anything else…including friends and family. 

I fell out of the actual professional music scene. I floated from job to job, band to band, and party to party…always ending up in one holding cell after another.

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