Set list for wine festival

This was a Wine Festival I recently did. Similar selections, but I left myself options.
Basically we’ll start quiet, smooth and jazzy, building up with blues and rock, then keep the place dancing and happy.

1) Instrumental jazz: Chitlins Con Carne (SRV) or Mr. P.C. (Coltrane)

2) Lie To Me (Am) Johnny Lang

3) Cold Shot/Pride n Joy/ Tin Pan Alley/ (Am) SRV

4) Letter (Am) Joe Cocker

5) Gold On The Ceiling (G) or Lonely Boy (E) Black Keys

6)I’m On TV (B) or Record Label Song (A) originals

7) Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (A) Temptations, Midnight Hour, misc R&B

8) La Grange (A) Bus (A) Jesus-Chicago (G) ZZ Top

9) Too Rolling Stoned (A) Bridge Of Sighs (E) Robin Trower

10) Tax Man/Tomorrow Never Knows (D) Beatles Medley

11) I Shot The Sherriff/Jammin’ (G) Bob Marley & reggae grooves

12) After Midnight/Groanin’ The Blues(A) Eric Clapton

13) Wild Side (C) Sweet Jane (D) Lou Reed

14) Pusher/Magic Carpet Ride/Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf

15) Bad Luck (A), Ball and Chain w/ Dead Flowers (R. Stones, Social Distortion)

16)Stepping Stone (E) Monkees

17) Country-Mystery Train (E) Ring of Fire (A)

18) Folsom Prison (G) Downstroke (down-tuning thing in D)

19) Doors-Roadhouse/Love Me Two Times (E) Soul Kitchen/Music’s Over (A)


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