Roman Alone

My solo performances came from an increasing demand from venues for smaller acts, quieter performances, and more cost effective entertainment.

I provide background music. Soft instrumentals from jazz standards and blues to popular favorites.

There are no vocals to interfere with your conversation at your table yet there is live entertainment to watch when the mood strikes you.

This solo scenario is also perfect for sophisticated business parties or adding a little class in a private party at home.

Just park me in a corner for your next gathering and impress your friends by having your own private musician performing for them!

Listen to some samples on my MUSIC page and call for details on owning me! The pleasure and privilege is mine!


(610) 306-9204

Below: a duet with special guests.

Your musician guests are welcome to join me at your request

with Matt “Berklee” Berger

With Mike “Doors” Fossa

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